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Live-in Care In Hull

We proudly provide full-time live-care in Hull.

Our live-in care service enables our clients to enjoy a better quality of life at home with round-the-clock support from a professional carer. Our focus is to ensure clients can live safely in the familiarity of their own home, maintaining as much independence as possible to enjoy the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

The care we provide is bespoke to the individual, reflecting not just their care needs, but also their choices, wishes and social preferences.


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Our Live In Care Service

Our live-in care service is provided by two professional, trained and locally supported carers typically rotating on a one or two week-on / week-off basis. This ensures genuine continuity of care and the opportunity to build a trusted and friendly relationship.

The priority in live-in care is to ensure that the client gets all the support and care they need to live an independent and healthy life. This includes support with day-to-day domestic tasks, personal care, and providing companionship.

Live-in care can be arranged on a long-term basis or a respite basis to provide a break to a carer, to aid recovery or to enable the client to get used to the support.

Benefits of Live-in Care

A higher quality of life

It enables clients to retain their independence and freedom to live life the way they want, connected to their local community.

Remain in familiar surroundings

It enables clients to remain in the familiar surroundings of their own home close to friends and family.

Maintain an active social life

It enables clients to maintain their interests and hobbies and continue their usual social activities in the community.

Health benefits

Live in care has been shown to have a positive impact on overall well-being and has health benefits such as a reduction in falls.

Continuity of care

As the care is delivered by the same people each week it ensures a greater level of understanding and companionship.

Dedicated care

Live-in carers provide one-to-one dedicated care. They are not restricted by how much time they have for each resident.

Peace of mind

Having someone on hand round the clock provides peace of mind for clients and their families.

Family input

Having a dedicated carer allows family members to be included in their loved ones care plans.


It can be cheaper than both residential care and residential nursing homes and is particularly economical for couples.

What is included in live-in care?

Our live-in carers provide support with daily living activities including:
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Personal care
Bathing, dressing, toilet needs and grooming, all with dignity and discretion.
Companionship from a carer methodically matched to you based on background, hobbies and life experiences.
Medication assistance
Collecting, managing and administering medications.
Collecting shopping or arranging online deliveries.
Cleaning, washing and ironing.
Meal preparation
Preparing nutritious meals to ensure dietary needs are met.
Staying connected
Support to socialise and stay connected to family and friends.
Going out on trips or running errands.
Support to continue with hobbies, inside and outside the home.
Pet care
Support to look after beloved pets.
Specialist care
Monitor health and well-being outcomes and support with complex conditions.

What our Clients say

Very good response to our family requirements. Professional, very understanding and caring. Being able to have a bespoke service was ideal for our situation and it helped the family through a very difficult time. The staff were extremely efficient and managed the care for both parents, maintaining their dignity and well-being. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Care Collection to anyone who requires bespoke care.

Daughter of Client (aged 86)

Catherine and her team are a top class care service. My aunt and myself are delighted with the high quality care and support we receive. Always pleasant, friendly and communicative

Niece of Client (aged 95)