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Hourly Home Care

The Care Collection has proven experience of supporting people of all ages. We are proud to be recognised as a leading provider of hourly care at home in Kirklees, Calderdale and Wakefield.

Our hourly home care service enables individuals who require support with daily living tasks to remain living at home. This service supports our clients to maintain the highest quality of life achievable.

Our care packages are bespoke to the individual and we ensure our Carers have time to care. We do this through minimum 1-hour calls and providing continuity of care for our Clients.

All of our home care hourly services are available from 1 hour to 24 hours per day, year-round.

Rated Good by the CQC – Read The Report

Our Service

Our team is skilled and experienced in supporting people of all ages with a range of conditions and varying levels of need.

Older Adults (65+)

The Care Collection provides a life-enhancing alternative to a care home.

Younger Adults (18 – 65)

The Care Collection supports younger adults to live independent lives.

Children (0 – 17)

The Care Collection has an experienced team dedicated to caring for children.

How We Support

Our hourly home care is a flexible care service providing those who require additional support to remain independent at home with a package of care bespoke to their needs.

We have proven experience providing the full range of care of home services, including companionship, domestic support and personal care. We also provide support with conditions such as Dementia, Parkinson’s, Acquired Brain Injuries and Learning Disabilities.

We pride ourselves on delivering a home care service which is founded on the basic principles of continuity of carer, introductions before care commences, minimum visits of 1 hour and a genuine focus on well-being. We also take time to match our carers and clients based on hobbies, interests and backgrounds.

Our hourly care at home service is supported and managed by local care management teams in Kirklees, Calderdale and Wakefield. We understand that care needs may change over time so we are here to support you every step of the way.

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Our collection of home care ranges from companionship, domestic support and personal care through to more complex care.

We also provide skill enhancement services to help children build better links with the community, actively participate in society and build strong friendships and relationships.

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Complex Care

Our Complex Care service supports those with conditions such as Acquired Brain Injuries, Dementia, Parkinson’s and Learning Disabilities.

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Personal Care

Our Personal Care service ensures all our Clients’ personal needs are met in a discreet and dignified manner.

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Skill Enhancement

Our Skill Enhancement service enables our Clients to be as independent as possible and maximise their potential to live fulfilling lives.

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Domestic Support

Our Domestic Support service relieves our Clients from the stress and pressure of day-to-day tasks at home.

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Our Companionship service increases feelings of self-worth, health and general well-being to keep the blues at bay.

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How Much Does It Cost?

Usually hourly care is far more affordable than care home costs. This is because the care provided is only paid for when it’s required. Often negating the need for equity release, hourly home care can be an affordable but still effective alternative to care home.

Every care plan is bespoke to the client's unique requirements and preferences. Please contact us to arrange a free care consultation.

Hourly Home Care For The Elderly

A common request for hourly social care help is for older people. We have a specialist team of carers and support workers dedicated to different types of care for at home.

Can You Get 24 Hour Care At Home?

Care provided round the clock is called live-in care. Often a popular alternative to moving your loved ones into a care home. There are many benefits to 24 hour live in care and additional community social care support is available through local authorities.

How Do I Arrange Care?
If you think our services will be of use to you, or someone you care about, please get in touch with us via the contact methods on our contact us page, you can find these by clicking below:

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Why Choose Us?

Ensuring our clients are comfortable, happy and secure at home is our priority.

Fully regulated by the the Care Quality Commission, and with fantastic reviews from our clients, begin your home care journey with us.

Find out more about the benefits of choosing The Care Collection below:

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Personalised Care

Our care plans are bespoke to each Client, adaptable to meet changing needs.

Time To Care

Our Carers have time with their Clients through minimum 1 hour calls.

Continuity of Care

Our Clients have a regular team of Carers enabling close bonds to form.

Experts in Care

Our management team has over 50 years’ experience working in the care sector.

Local 24/7 Support

Our management team is based locally to provide unrivalled support and communication backed by technology for Clients and Carers.

Professional Carers

Our Carers are fully employed by us and are trained and supported to the highest standards.

We are fully regulated, monitored and inspected by CQC


The Care Collection Unregulated service
Regular, independent inspections
Inspections conducted by CQC provide peace of mind about the quality of our service. Our latest report can be found here
Compliance with regulatory standards
We comply with CQC’s regulatory standards for quality and safety, providing assurance we deliver a high standard of care
Fully trained and vetted carers
Our recruitment processes and ongoing training programme complies with CQC’s robust regulatory standards
Maintaining trust and our reputation
Being registered with CQC demonstrates a commitment to providing safe, effective, compassionate, and high-quality care


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What is hourly home care?

Hourly home care enables people to retain their independence in the comfort of their own home with the peace of mind of one-to-one care from a professional carer as and when they require it.

Typically, the service involves visits from one carer, though we also support individuals who require two or more carers on each visit. Our visits start from 1 hour upwards and are arranged at times which suit the client. We also provide longer visits, as well as sleepovers and waking nights.

Professional, highly trained carers provide a wide variety of tasks, personalised to the needs of the client. These include personal care, companionship, home help, medication management, as well as and specialist medical care for those with complex needs such as Dementia. Hourly home carers often become trusted friends to their clients, enabling them to continue to live happily at home.

We understand that your hourly home care needs may change over time and so we’re here to support you every step of the way.

How much does hourly home care cost?

Hourly home care is available from 1 hour upwards and can also include sleepovers and waking nights. Our service is fully flexible meaning it can be easily increased or decreased as needs change.

Our hourly home care starts from £24.50 per hour. This is an all-inclusive cost – we do not charge an additional call out / travel fee like many other companies.  The only additional cost is for travel mileage undertaken on behalf of the client based on a fixed charge per mile.

Hourly home care is usually a much more economical alternative to a care home as you pay for the hours of care you need, which may only be a few hours a day.

What does an hourly home carer do?

Hourly home carers carry out a wide variety of tasks. These include assistance with morning get up and bedtime, medication management, meal preparation, personal care and companionship. They may also accompany clients on visits out of the house. Hourly home carers have specialist training to support those with complex needs such as Dementia, Stroke Care, Parkinson’s, MND, MS and end of life care.  

Home carers form an important part of a client’s daily routine to enable them to maintain their quality of life at home.

What is the difference between hourly home care and live-in care?

Hourly home care and live-in care both include care provided in an individual’s home. With hourly home care the carer visits the client for a period of time on the agreed-upon days and with live in care the carer lives with the person round the clock.

Our hourly home care service starts from minimum of 1 hour calls as we do not believe a high-quality service can be provided in less time. Our service is available at all times of the day, with the most popular times being in the morning and evening to support with get up and go to bed and meals.

What is the difference between live in care and domiciliary care?

Both live in care and domiciliary care include care provided in a person’s home. However, with live in care the carer lives with the person round the clock, 24/7, whereas with domiciliary care the carer visits the client for a period of time on the agreed-upon days.

The Care Collection’s domiciliary care service starts from 1 hour calls – we do not believe a high quality service can be provided in less time. Our domiciliary care service is available at all times of the day, with the most popular times being around mealtimes and at bedtime.

Who is hourly home care for?

Hourly home care is common among elderly people who prefer to stay in the comfort of their own homes rather than moving into a care home. It is also used by younger adults with complex medical conditions such as Learning Disabilities, Acquired Brain Injuries, Acquired Spinal Injuries and Motor Neurones Disease.

The service enables people to continue to enjoy to live life the way they want. They can retain control over daily routines, have friends and family visit whenever they wish, remain at home with their partner and keep their pets.

Hourly home care also provides security and peace of mind as it reduces the risk of incidents occurring and families having to make ‘reactive’ unplanned decisions regarding care.

What our Clients say

Very good response to our family requirements. Professional, very understanding and caring. Being able to have a bespoke service was ideal for our situation and it helped the family through a very difficult time. The staff were extremely efficient and managed the care for both parents, maintaining their dignity and well-being. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Care Collection to anyone who requires bespoke care.

Daughter of Client (aged 86)

Catherine and her team are a top class care service. My aunt and myself are delighted with the high quality care and support we receive. Always pleasant, friendly and communicative

Niece of Client (aged 95)