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Care Technology

Technology can never replace care being delivered by real people. However, we appreciate that it can have a role to play in further enhancing our service.

As such, we invest in the latest technology so that our service remains at the forefront of the industry. We combine technology with our award-winning service where it improves the well-being and comfort of our Clients and their families.

There are many examples of how we use technology to underpin how we deliver our home care services from scheduling and managing care visits, to helping monitor health outcomes, to enabling our carers, clients, families and health professionals to be better connected.

Care Management App

The Care Collection offers Clients’ loved ones access to a Care Management App. Using this app you can see, in real-time, the time a visit started and ended, the tasks that were completed, and the care notes written by the Carers.

The app also shows the upcoming visits and which Carers will be attending the visits.

The app also allows us to more effectively monitor the health outcomes of our Clients’ care as it provides instant access to the most up-to-date care records and a simple way to communicate with the care team.

Find our more about the benefits of our Care Management App below:

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Peace Of Mind

Loved ones can have real-time access to view the schedule of care visits, what tasks were completed on each visit as well as all other care notes inputted by the Carer. Friends and family who do not live near to the Client find this particularly beneficial.


Loved ones can view important information about the care visits. This includes details of past and future visits showing who attended or is due to attend and all notes and records produced during the visits.



Detailed information about each care package is instantly available to the care management team. This allows us to monitor the quality and delivery of the care in real time to ensure it is effective and responsive.


Loved ones can read and add notes with the Carer, input any planned appointments or contact the care management team in the office if required which helps everyone stay connected.