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The Care Collection understands that it may be difficult to accept that support is needed, particularly with personal care. We are aware that some people may find it undignified and embarrassing.

Providing a discreet and professional personal care service is at the forefront of what we believe in. All of our Carers are trained to provide personal care in a manner that’s respectful of personal boundaries. Using clever, tried and tested techniques we ensure dignity is preserved throughout each visit.

We believe in the importance of a continuous service and the same familiar faces, especially when it comes to personal care. Our Carers work with Clients to grow a long-term relationship of trust and a service that is highly personalised to promote dignity and independence at home.

Our Personal Care Services


Assisting with morning wake up / evening tuck in

Assisting with washing

Assisting with dressing

Assisting with eating

Assisting with diet and nutrition

Providing medication assistance

Applying creams and lotions

Toilet assistance

Providing grooming

Incontinence care

Skin and pressure care

Gastronomy care

Jane's Story

We have provided Personal Care services to Jane for the last 18 months. Jane has early stage Dementia and needs support with getting up in the morning, getting washed and preparing herself for the day. We also provide her with an hour of care in the evening to assist her to get ready for bed.

Jane regularly attends social events and always wants to look her best and we are proud to be able to assist her with that.

Your Guide to Elderly Personal Care

By the year 2030, over 30% of the UK population will be aged 65 or older. Beginning to think now of housing and care options for our elderly population is important.

Currently, only about 4% of the UK’s ageing population has moved into a nursing or residential care home. It’s possible that more seniors are looking for care options that will allow them to age in the comfort of their own home.

Personal care services are ideal for seniors who wish to remain at home while they age. These services may be customised to fit individual and changing needs.

Read on to learn more about PCS or personal care services to determine if they are the right choice for you or a family member.

What Are Personal Care Services?

When an individual signs up for personal care, they receive visits on a scheduled, regular basis by a highly trained professional Carer or care team. This Carer can provide a high level of care and assist with tasks like ADLs (activities of daily living) as well as some basic medical assistance.

The objective of personal care is to ensure that elderly clients who choose to age at home are well taken care of. Specific care options include:

  • Assisting with bathing, grooming, personal hygiene, and dressing
  • Assisting with nutrition, eating, and overall gastronomy
  • Incontinence care
  • Assisting with morning wake up and evening tuck-in
  • Condition-specific, complex care like dementia care

Carers are not medical doctors, which means that they are unable to provide diagnoses or serious medical treatment. However, they are available to assist with medication regimen. They can help clients to remember to take medications and help administer the proper dosage each day.

Who is Personal Care for?

Now that we’ve taken a look at the standard of care personal care services provide, let’s talk a bit about who is an ideal candidate for personal care. Remember, personal care services are only one of many caregiving solutions. They may not be right for everyone.

Personal Carers may visit daily for several hours or only come a few times a week. The length and number of visits per week can be scheduled to fit each Client’s needs.

Our Carers are equipped to help Clients who are finding it more difficult to take care of daily needs. This includes Clients with limited mobility or cognitive decline (e.g. someone living with dementia).

Prepare for the Future With Personal Care Services

The UK’s population is ageing rapidly. It is best for peace of mind to prepare for questions of housing and caregiving when individuals are still prepared to make some of those decisions on their own. Personal care services are a wonderful and viable option for elderly people who favour staying at home to age in place but need assistance throughout the day.

A Bespoke Home Care Service

As with all our live at home care packages, our personal care services are tailored for each individual. Working around our Clients’ routines, we’re able to support them in personal care, following their schedule and allowing them to live the way they want.

By getting to know each Client as a person and understanding their preferences, we are able to create care plans based around their likes and dislikes, hygiene and beauty products. Most importantly, we work tirelessly to make sure our Clients are comfortable with the care we provide.

To find out more about our high quality, caring services, pricing, and availability, please contact us today. We will be with you as soon as possible to provide answers and assistance.

Local Personal Care Services

It’s important that personal care and any live-in care is provided by a local service by local carers. This ensures continuity of care and helps make the overall experience a much more enjoyable one.

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