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Companionship Care for the Elderly

The Care Collection believes no one should be lonely at home. We understand that forming positive social relationships increasing feelings of self-worth and appreciate that those who have regular companionship feel more settled and live longer, happier and healthier lives.

The need for companionship is much greater in older people and those with disabilities who are more prone to feeling lonely and isolated. Being lonely can be extremely challenging. Not only can it cause depression and anxiety but it can also suppress the immune system.

Our companionship service provides our Clients with a friendly and familiar face to help keep the blues at bay. Clients can choose activities they would like to do, be it simply having a chat and a cup of tea, to going out for lunch or a walk.

Companionship care from the Care Collection

Our Service

Our Client-to-Carer matching service, based on hobbies and interests, allows mutually fulfilling, genuine friendships to develop. In many cases, our Carers are considered extended family, providing relatives with peace of mind that their family member is happy and cared for.

Our Companionship Services


Providing companionship

Accompanying to appointments

Accompanying to social events

Assisting with hobbies

Assisting with keeping fit

Assisting with entertaining loved ones

Helping to keep in touch with loved ones

Assisting with travel arrangements

Assisting with reading and watching movies

Accompanying on short breaks

Monitoring diet and eating

Providing medication reminders

Gillian’s Story

We have been providing Companionship and Domestic Support to Gillian since 2018.

We visit twice a day. On the first visit we assist with domestic tasks, make sure she is ready for the day and take her on trips out. On the second visit we ensure she has eaten a balanced meal and assist her with securing the property for the evening. Gillian has a team of regular carers who maintain her independence and support her to live safely at home.

Why Does Loneliness Occur?

Loneliness can occur for a variety of reasons. As we get older we inevitably lose family members and close friends which can have a “cut-off” effect. All of a sudden the normal routine of day to day life has gaps, and loneliness creeps in.

Mobility problems caused by a disability may also restrict people from being able to interact with loved ones. Financial mobility may also cause loneliness, due to not being able to afford transportation to meet up with friends. Loneliness is a vicious circle and often the more lonely a person feels the worse loneliness can get. When a person feels detached from society, they’ll usually find it hard to reconnect.

Our companionship service offers a friendly face on a day to day basis. Our carers grow long-lasting friendships with Clients and can help with other needs, such as domestic support and personal care as and when required.

What our Clients say

Very good response to our family requirements. Professional, very understanding and caring. Being able to have a bespoke service was ideal for our situation and it helped the family through a very difficult time. The staff were extremely efficient and managed the care for both parents, maintaining their dignity and well-being. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Care Collection to anyone who requires bespoke care.

Daughter of Client (aged 86)

Catherine and her team are a top class care service. My aunt and myself are delighted with the high quality care and support we receive. Always pleasant, friendly and communicative

Niece of Client (aged 95)