Social isolation is prevalent amongst both older adults as well as those with disabilities. The Care Collection understands the need to form positive relationships and links to the local community. In doing so, we increase our feelings of self-worth and explore our unique personalities.

Feeling lonely can be extremely challenging for many people. Not only can it have an effect on mental health, but also on physical health, and as we get older the need for companionship increases. The Care Collection is committed to making our Clients lives as happy and stress free as possible. Having the time to engage with another person is invaluable and really helps keep those blues at bay. Those who have regular companionship have been proven to live longer, feel more settled and live happier, healthier lives.

Our Companionship services include:

The Care Collection

  • Providing companionship and conversation
  • Providing a chaperone service
  • Arranging and accompanying to appointments
  • Arranging and accompanying to outings and social events
  • Assisting with participating in hobbies
  • Assisting with providing entertainment for family and friends
  • Accompanying to club meetings, sporting events and the theatre
  • Assisting with connecting with family and friends through social media
  • Assisting with travel arrangements
  • Assisting with keeping fit
  • Assisting with reading and watching movies
  • Accompanying on short breaks or holidays
  • Monitoring diet and eating
  • Providing medication reminders and assistance

At The Care Collection, we create personalised plans to suit each Client. We don’t believe in “one solution for everyone”, so get in touch to see how we can help you.