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Domestic Support

We understand that for older adults and those with disabilities, domestic tasks can be difficult and stressful. The Care Collection’s domestic support service provides a helping hand to relieve Clients from the pressures of daily chores. This allows our Clients to continue with their usual routines in the comfort of their home.

Our Carers can help with domestic tasks such as cleaning and laundry. They also prepare nutritious meals to ensure our Clients maintain their health and well-being. For those Clients who struggle to get out, our staff can pick up groceries and deliver it straight to the door.

Domestic Support Services for older adults and those with disabilities

Our Service

At The Care Collection, we create personalised plans to suit each Client. We don’t believe in “one solution for everyone”, so please contact us to see how we can help you. Our care and support services are available 24 hours a day. We provide care in Wakefield, Calderdale, Kirklees and across West Yorkshire.

Our Domestic Support Services


Assisting with meal preparation

Assisting with shopping


Arranging and collecting prescriptions

Supervising home maintenance

Overseeing home deliveries

Dealing with mail

Answering the door and telephone

Organising wardrobes and cupboards

Caring for houseplants

Dropping off and collecting dry cleaning

Assisting with pet care

Kenneth’s Story

Kenneth’s family contacted us to arrange some Domestic Support for him after he sadly lost his wife of over 65 years.

Whilst Kenneth is very independent, he has reached an age where some extra support with daily living is required. At first Kenneth was reluctant to accept help. However, once he was introduced to his Carer, Louise, he quickly warmed to the idea.

Kenneth now looks forward to Louise visiting him for a few hours a week to help with housework as well as having a chat and a cup of tea.

What is Domestic Support?

Domestic care is a range of services that help adults with day to day home tasks. Usually, this is when they are unable to do so or require assistance due to a disability or elderliness. Domestic care services form part of an overall domiciliary care package. This is where a team of care assistants offer home care and personal care.

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An Alternative To Residential Care

Moving to a residential care service can be stressful and sometimes unnecessary. In many cases, elderly people will need some level of domestic care and support that doesn’t require relocating. When it’s safe to do so, we would recommend domestic support services at home over residential care.

Our Clients’ homes are cherished and a place where memories have been made and families raised. It’s our aim and responsibility to allow our Clients to continue living in their homes. By offering domestic support, we promote independence and enable our Clients to remain in their own home. Domestic care support also goes hand-in-hand with our Companionship Care Service.

In order to provide optimum care, our caring team will provide a full assessment and bespoke care plan. This is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure high standards of care are met consistently. Domestic support is available for different levels of care. Whether that’s part of a dementia care package, care for learning disabilities or a more complex care solution.

Domestic Care For Older People

Typically, as we grow older tasks around the house become trickier and more stressful. While moving into a care home may be right for some people, staying at home and getting support where it’s needed can be much more beneficial both for mental and physical health. Domestic care for older adults can be a lifeline and help retain their independence.

Domestic support is usually part of a wider home care services package. Combining personal care, companionship and even skill enhancement support.

Local Domestic Care & Support
It’s important that domestic care and any live-in care is provided by a local service by local carers. This ensures continuity of care and helps make the overall experience a much more enjoyable one.

Domestic Support Kirklees
Domestic Support Calderdale
Domestic Support Wakefield

How Do I Arrange Care?
If you think our services will be of use to you, or someone you care about, please get in touch with us via the contact methods on our contact us page, you can find these by clicking below:

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What our Clients say

Very good response to our family requirements. Professional, very understanding and caring. Being able to have a bespoke service was ideal for our situation and it helped the family through a very difficult time. The staff were extremely efficient and managed the care for both parents, maintaining their dignity and well-being. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Care Collection to anyone who requires bespoke care.

Daughter of Client (aged 86)

Catherine and her team are a top class care service. My aunt and myself are delighted with the high quality care and support we receive. Always pleasant, friendly and communicative

Niece of Client (aged 95)