Skill Enhancement

Skill Enhancement

The Care Collection’s mission is to revolutionise the care industry. We want to help create a world where people with disabilities are valued equally, listened to and included in society. We work tirelessly to raise awareness, challenge negative attitudes and create positive change.

How we are doing it?

We promote and create fulfilling lives for people with disabilities and their families. We partner with our network of multi-disciplinary professionals to develop creative and inclusive support to encourage independence and community involvement.

The Care Collection

We aim to:

  • Improve attitudes to people with disabilities through raising awareness, community involvement, education and training.
  • Improve the quality of lives of people with disabilities via access to supported education, training and employment.
  • Assist people with disabilities to build better links with the community, actively participate in society and build strong friendships and relationships.
  • Support health care professionals to understand people with disabilities better, support communication and improve health outcomes.

Our Care

We ensure each Client receives a personalised support package based on their needs – the purpose of the support we provide is to help people with disabilities to be as independent as possible and live the life they want.

Sometimes that means giving people a bit of extra support with day-to-day activities, at other times it means round-the-clock support, and it always means giving carers the break they need to carry on supporting their loved ones. We support people in a way that fits around their lives. The assistance we provide supports people to become more independent and grow in confidence to the point where they need less from us.

Everyone should feel happy and safe in their home. We believe you should be able to live where you want, in a home that meets your needs and we are here to enable you to do so. We can support you wherever you choose – it could be living with your parents, living on your own or sharing with other people.

Our Skill Enhancement services include:

  • Support with education, including homework and passing exams
  • Support with employment – we understand that work is about more than just having a job. Being able to work can give you confidence, independence and the means to realise bigger dreams. We can help you, or someone you care for, to develop all the skills they need for the workplace. CV writing, interview practice, role-play, whatever it takes – we’ll do everything we can to get more people with a disability in rewarding jobs. We can help people identify job opportunities, review a person’s training needs and provide on-the-job support where appropriate
  • CV writing and interview preparation
  • Job coaching and in-work support
  • Pre-employment support
  • Support to find work placements
  • Support to find paid work
  • Employer support – we also work with businesses employing people with a disabilities, so they can provide the right support and benefit from having a diverse workforce
  • Support to develop and maintain daily living skills to support independent lives
  • Building a community presence
  • Assisting with travel arrangements and learning about public transport
  • Assisting with keeping fit, physiotherapy and occupational health
  • Assisting with reading and curriculum based self- improvement
  • Assisting with learning new skills and hobbies, such a learning a musical instrument
  • Social media support and tuition

At The Care Collection, we create personalised plans to suit each Client. We don’t believe in “one solution for everyone”, so get in touch to see how we can help you.