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Training to be a carer – Stephen’s Journey Part 1

Oct 18, 2017

Carer Induction

Having over fifteen years’ experience in Sales, Management and Customer Service in the Fashion and Supermarket industry, you could say I’m more used to guiding shoppers to the cereal aisle and helping people decide on new stylish outfits. But now a new challenge awaits….I’m going to be a carer! And you know what? I can’t wait!

I’ve recently completed 3 days of home care training with Catherine Haigh, Founder of Huddersfield based domiciliary care company, The Care Collection. Joining me at training were five other successful applicants, who were all delightful.

Becoming a Carer at The Care Collection

I assumed my training would take place in a featureless, classroom-esque venue but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Catherine opted to invite us into her idyllic home where for 3 days we undertook highly developed training to prepare us for our careers with The Care Collection.

It’s clear that Catherine is a warm person who takes great pride in her company. I felt an instant sense of togetherness with the whole team and inviting us into her home demonstrated to me the huge trust between Founder and Staff, a trust you will rarely find today.

Being A Carer with The Care Collection

In the past I have dreaded training days; they drag on and feel like a tick box exercise. My experience at The Care Collection training was nothing but pleasant. I was surrounded by a group of people with many common interests personally, but more importantly, a key interest in our own professional lives, delivering bespoke, high quality home care to the community of Kirkless and Calderdale.

As each training day ended I left influenced by what I’d learnt and exhilarated to start working. Surrounding myself with such positive and kind hearted people brings out the best in me and I regret not choosing this career path sooner!
Carer Training with Catherine Haigh at The Care Collection
From the 3 days training it is already clear that The Care Collection goes above and beyond to ensure its Clients’ best interests are met. Personally I am passionate about ensuring all individuals have the right to lead the best possible life – a life filled with love, compassion, support, independence and joy. My passion is totally empowered by The Care Collection.

Catherine has created a brand and company ethos where The Care Collection is revolutionising the care industry with the aim of becoming the number one home care provider in the country, no exceptions. A tough and bold task you might say, but with a team of people who won’t accept mediocre in any way, I am confident this aim will be achieved.

Having now gained detailed knowledge of care provision at the training (including Safeguarding Children and Adults, Emergency First Aid, Infection Prevention and Control, Medication, Health and Safety and Moving & Handling) I am super excited to meet my first Client and will update you on the next stage of my journey shortly….

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