Live-in Care

Our live-in care service provides a life-enhancing alternative to a care home. Our focus is to enable people to continue to live in the familiarity of their own home, whilst improving their health and wellbeing.

The live-in care service includes companionship, domestic support, and personal care. Our team is highly trained to provide complex care for those living with Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, brain and spinal injuries, and other conditions.

We provide a fully managed, quality assured service from our office in Huddersfield. This includes our management team regularly visiting our Clients across Yorkshire to ensure they are happy and comfortable at home.


“The support I require to continue to live the life I choose. Whether it be getting up and going to bed when I choose, eating what I want and socialising with friends.”

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What is Live-in Care?

With live-in care, a dedicated carer lives in the Client’s home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet all their needs. Typically, live-in care is provided by two professional and highly trained carers who rotate on a weekly shift pattern.

Our service provides genuine continuity of care as the carer lives with the client, enabling trusted friendships to grow and flourish. As well as meeting our Clients’ physical needs, we work with them to create a bespoke care plan which incorporates their goals, hobbies, and personal interests.

Live-in care enables people to continue to live independently at home, confident in the knowledge that one-to-one care is on hand 24 hours a day.

Benefits of Live-in Care

A higher quality of life

A higher quality of life

It enables clients to retain their independence and freedom to live life the way they want, connected to their local community.

Remain in familiar surroundings

Remain in familiar surroundings

It enables clients to remain in the familiar surroundings of their own home close to friends and family.

Maintain an active social life

Maintain an active social life

It enables clients to maintain their interests and hobbies and continue their usual social activities in the community.

Health benefits

Health benefits

Live in care has been shown to have a positive impact on overall well-being and has health benefits such as a reduction in falls.

Continuity of care

Continuity of care

As the care is delivered by the same people each week it ensures a greater level of understanding and companionship.

Dedicated care

Dedicated care

Live-in carers provide one-to-one dedicated care. They are not restricted by how much time they have for each resident.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Having someone on hand round the clock provides peace of mind for clients and their families.

Family input

Family input

Having a dedicated carer allows family members to be included in their loved ones care plans.



It can be cheaper than both residential care and residential nursing homes and is particularly economical for couples.

Our Awards and Reviews

A life enhancing alternative to a Care Home

Given the choice, most people would choose to remain at home whilst receiving care. However many people think that moving into a care home is the only option. This is not the case. Live-in care provides a preferred alternative where people receive the professional support they require in the comfort of their own homes.

Whilst every circumstance is different, care homes can be sterile and institutional facilities that impact residents’ independence, freedom, and choice. Sadly, negative news stories are common with 97 percent of respondents to a recent survey suggesting they would not want to move into a care home.

According to Age UK, 40% of residents in care homes are living with depression and apathy which can lead to them “giving up on life”. Sadly, statistics show that the average length of stay in a single residential care home in England that ended in a person’s death was just over two years.

Fortunately, live-in care provides a life-enhancing solution enabling individuals to continue to enjoy life and independence at home with a highly trained carer on hand day and night. One of our clients describes our live-in care as:

The support I require to continue to live life the way I choose. Whether it be going to bed and getting up when I choose. Eating what I choose and socialising with friends when I choose.

How Live In Care Works

Live-in care services provide the care and support required by utilizing a carer 24 hours a day. These carers will live with the client in a spare room to provide care services as well as support with domestic tasks.

Typically a carer will work alternate weeks with another carer. This ensures that the person being supported is paired up with regular carers and can build a friendly relationship with them.

A carer’s priority in live-in care is to ensure that the client gets all the support and care they need to live an independent and healthy life. This includes support with day-to-day domestic support, personal care, and providing companionship.

Our carers all have the up-to-date skills and qualifications to carry out complex care support. We can support conditions such as; Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurones, Parkinson’s, and Acquired Brain and Spinal Injuries.

Each live-in care plan is bespoke and tailored for each client. Regular reviews with our senior care managers ensures that the care plans are appropriate to the client’s changing needs.

When is Live-In Care Right?

Choosing live-in care is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken light-heartedly. If you or a loved one is struggling with everyday tasks, then live-in care may be an option. If care and support is required only part of the time, then hourly care services can be provided. If, however, care is required around the clock, then live-in care can be provided by The Care Collection.

Because live-in care requires a full-time carer in your home, the service can resemble one of a care home. As a live-in care agency, we’re able to make accurate assessments on an individual basis. This is to ensure that live-in care is right for our clients.

Ultimately, everyone has different needs and requires different levels of support. Our bespoke packages of care are designed to ensure that each client gets the right level of care and support.

How Much Does Live In Care Cost?

The cost of live-in care differs from person to person depending on the level of support they require. Because we offer a full range of care services for varying levels of care requirements, each quote is bespoke. In some cases, it can be cost-effective to opt for live-in care rather than move into a care home.

Care funding may be available to help and our team would be happy to assist you to apply for this.

How do I Arrange Live-In Care?