Common misconceptions of working as a Home Care Assistant

August 29, 2018
Working as a Home Care Assistant is a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference to peoples’ lives in the local community. In fact, a number of The Care Collection’s staff have said that their job is so enjoyable and rewarding that it does not feel like work! However, some people have misconceptions about working as a Home Care Assistant which may lead to them being reluctant to move into employment in the sector. We address some common misconceptions below:

Misconception: Home Care Assistants only support elderly people 

The Care Collection provides Home Care to individuals of all ages. As a result, our Home Care Assistants have the opportunity to help a wide range people at very different stages of their life, enabling them to remain independent at home. One day staff may be assisting an elderly Client to get ready for the day ahead, whilst the next day they may be collecting a younger Client from school and spending the evening baking with them.

Misconception: Home Care Assistants only support the very ill 

We have a range of Clients with a range of needs. Whilst Clients with advanced Dementia or brain injuries may require more complex care, others may use The Care Collection as a low-level companionship service to help them remain connected in their local community. For example, we have several Clients who enjoy a weekly trip out to a local farm shop or café for lunch.

Misconception: Home Care Assistants perform routine tasks only

Our Home Care Assistants provide a wide range of support to our Clients meaning that their job is anything but routine. Each day is varied with support ranging from delivering complex care such as PEG feeding to cooking dinner to simply having a cuppa and a chat.

Misconception: Home Care Assistants rush from visit to visit without time to care

The Care Collection understands that feelings of loneliness and isolation are prevalent, particularly among the elderly. We therefore ensure that our staff have time to care through our minimum of 1-hour visits which gives our Home Care Assistants time to talk and take an interest in a person’s life encouraging relationships to flourish. This enables people to feel valued and respected, increases feelings of self-worth and well-being and generally keeps the blues at bay. In many cases our Home Care Assistants are often considered extended family which allows the relatives of our Clients to feel confident with our service knowing their family member is happy, safe and cared for at home.

Misconception: There is no career progression

Home Care is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country meaning there are fantastic career progression opportunities. In addition, due to our score of 9.9/10 on independent review website and our recent award, The Care Collection’s home care service is expanding rapidly throughout Kirklees, Calderdale and Wakefield. As a result, we have many opportunities for career progression. All our office team started as Home Care Assistants before working their way into senior positions. There are also many qualifications available to Home Care Assistants to improve their skills and we invest in and encourage our staff to strive for further professional development.

If you are passionate about caring for your community, please get in touch with our friendly team to discuss the opportunities we have available.